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Pain management

Pain management

The structure and function of the spine make the back prone to pain and injury. The spine consists of 33 vertebrae, divided by flexible cartilage, which are called intervertebral discs, while it is surrounded and penetrated by ligaments, muscles and nerves. Unsuccessful, sudden movement, too much load (for example, carrying weights) or poor posture can cause a sharp back pain (in everyday life they say: “Back shot”).

In many cases, back pain is not a serious disorder and can easily be prevented if, of course, it is not associated with serious diseases and injuries of the spine (including with osteochondrosis), and in some cases with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or urinary system (for example, kidney stones).

It is known that in 95% of cases, a sharp back pain is associated with muscle spasm or pinching of the nerve root vertebrae. The pain is so intense that the first in importance is the issue of pain relief. This is quite natural, since it is pain that makes its own adjustments to the habitual way of life, significantly affecting the motor abilities of a person, and the question of the reasons for its occurrence is already secondary.

The first thing you need to do – as much as possible unload the spine. During the exacerbation observe bed rest. During this period, even its own weight – a solid load for the spine.

Find a comfortable posture in which relief comes, the pain subsides. Usually, when the lumbar pain is localized, this position is lying on its back with one or several hard pillows under the legs. Sometimes it is more convenient to lie on your side, with a pillow or cushion attached under your waist or between legs bent at the knees ..

The article Acute back pain – what to do? said in detail how to act if you suddenly had a sharp back pain. If the postures offered in this article are uncomfortable for you or do not relieve the pain, try the postures described below to find a position in which the pain is not felt and to rest for 24 hours.

But remember that strictly limited exercise is necessary to reduce inflammation and prevent stiffness.

Since the causes of pain in different people are different, you need to try every posture and every exercise and in this way find the ones that best help you. If at some change in body position during the exercise you feel that the pain has subsided, take this posture for rest.

Conversely, do not remain in any posture if the pain increases. Try moving on the bed if you have it with a hard mattress, otherwise use a gymnastic mat or a mat.

Methods of struggle with back pain

Before turning to the popular methods of dealing with back pain, I propose to consider the most popular and most effective methods.

Since they are very effective and quickly eliminate the pain, then you need to understand they will be paid (you can scroll through the paragraph if you are interested in free methods).

Massage mats. The Lyapko applicator. It is not the cheapest way, but one of the most effective, judging by the opinions of people and doctors.

Cream. There are effective and not effective, expensive and cheap – it is very difficult to find a good cream for back pain and not stumble upon a fake. When choosing a cream I advise you to use the recommendations of friends and certainly not advertising.

Massage. There is generally 50/50. Got to a good specialist, got the effect, did not get – money wasted. I do not advise you to go to the first comer, as you can not only not get a therapeutic effect for your back, but also aggravate the situation.


This position provides peace for the back muscles and intervertebral discs, due to which the muscles relax, the spasm decreases somewhat and the pain subsides.

Lie on your stomach, stretching your arms at your sides.

If the pain does not recede, place a pillow under your stomach. If this does not help, turn slightly on the hip and try both on the right and on the left, since the effectiveness of a particular movement is determined by the location of the damage. Put your head on your hands, if that’s more convenient for you.

A warning. If any exercise results in either increasing or increasing pain, immediately stop the pain. Continuing, you can exacerbate the problem.

In the first two days, the exercises proposed here should be repeated no more than three times each approximately three times a day. At other times, just relax.

As the pain subsides, gradually increase the number of repetitions to the maximum – 10 times each exercise.

Lie on your back and bend your knees at a right angle, while your feet should remain on the floor.

Bend the lower back, tearing your back from the floor, and then forcefully push it into the floor. Keep your chest still while your hips sway back and forth.

Repeat the exercise three times, at the end of the exercise, the waist should be in a neutral position in the middle between the extremes.

After two days, begin to gradually increase the number of repetitions of this exercise to 10.

Lie on your back and bend your knees, as in the previous exercise, but your hips should lie on the floor.

Move your knees from side to side, dropping them to the floor as low as possible. Repeat the exercise three times. After two days, begin to gradually increase the number of repetitions up to 10 times.

Back Pain Treatment

After reducing the severity of pain, be sure to consult a doctor who will correctly determine the nature of the disease. Do not forget: acute back pain is a symptom characteristic not only of osteochondrosis, but also of many other diseases.

Relieve your condition yourself, without harming your health, you can, just knowing the diagnosis, when you resume or increase chronic pain, which you are already well known.

In the first hours of exacerbation, if possible, contact a specialist in manual therapy for help. With this method, you can remove the attack, stop the pain.

During an attack of acute pain, it is necessary to cool down the site of pain. Excellent in such cases, fit a cool shower or just cold (ice) on the lumbar region. If you use ice, you must first wrap it with a towel so as not to cause frostbite of the upper layers of the skin.

If, in addition, heat is applied at the site of injury, it will only increase blood flow, and, consequently, aggravate the damage and increase pain.

If the back pain is very strong, unbearable, take a painkiller, then what is in the home first-aid kit: 1-2 tablets of Analgin, Baralgin, Tempalgin, pre-crush into powder, so that they digest better and faster and do not cause much damage to the stomach and intestinal mucosa.

20-30 minutes after the first dose of the medication did the relief not come? Again, take 1-2 analgesic pills. If the pain is still not subsided, you will have to use stronger means. Suitable Solpadein, Nato, Trigan, Diclofen (can be in the form of candles).

How to take and in what doses, you will learn from the instructions attached to the drug.

To reduce the processes of inflammation, you can use anti-inflammatory ointment on the area of pain. They will reduce the swelling that will be present at the spinal cord infringement site, and thereby speed up the healing process.

But the use of painkillers should be only according to the indications (severe pain). And it must be remembered that having muffled pain with the help of drugs, our body will not be able to receive a signal about possible disorders in the back area.

In the very first hours, use drugs such as menthol, anestezin, escuzan, creams containing horse chestnut, ointments with anti-inflammatory properties: voltaren, butadione, piroxicam. They will reduce the viscosity of the blood, increase the rate of venous outflow, which will help to remove the swelling that often forms in the damaged part of the spine.

When the swelling subsides, it is more appropriate to use a finalgone type of rubbing. Due to the highly irritating activity of the drug, it is sufficient to squeeze no more than 5 mm of ointment from a tube. Carefully rub the finagon into the skin on the patch in 30-40 centimeters. Do not press your back too hard, causing unnecessary suffering, but at the end of the procedure, which will take 1-2 minutes, the pressure of the hand should be pronounced.

Apply ointment 2-3 times a day. It has an excellent anti-pain effect.

You can also use Dolgit cream, Bom-Benge. Some are well helped by the ointment Vipratoks and Viprosal, containing snake venom, and Virapin with bee venom in the composition, but they are contraindicated for people suffering from diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease and pregnant women.

How to relieve back pain?

Stretching. Stretching exercises relieve back pain well for two reasons. This relieves tension in tired muscles and strengthens weaker areas. Stretching in the presence of pain should be done carefully. Make sure that the discomfort does not get stronger.

Bath with sea salt. When the back makes itself felt too often, resort to relaxing procedures. Sea salt can alleviate your condition. Do not use too hot water, it can lead to swelling of the muscles. Only warm water is suitable for this restorative procedure.

Adjust your body position in your sleep. One of the causes of back pain can be an uncomfortable body position during sleep. Therefore, before planning a trip to the doctor, make sure that your bed is as comfortable as possible and that the mattress is not too soft. As a radical measure, experts recommend sleeping for a few days on a hard surface (for example, on the floor) in a supine position. In case you sleep on your side, put a small pillow between your knees. Ointments In case of emergency, when the pain becomes unbearable, many people go to the pharmacy and buy a warming or cooling ointment without a prescription. What is the difference between these two types of drugs? A warming ointment relaxes the muscles, while a cooling one is aimed at eliminating pain. Do not continue to use the tool if you notice that the drug does not cope with its mission. Watch your posture. Many of us know from childhood that a hunched spine can cause pain. When you were at school at the desk, the teachers often pulled you down and asked you to sit up straight. Now the bones have grown and strengthened, but straight posture is still relevant. Try to keep your back level. You will be surprised how powerful this habit has. In addition, try not to tilt your back down and keep your legs on a flat surface. Ice and a heating pad If your back pain is caused by increased exercise or work on your backyard, you will be helped by years and a heating pad. Ice packs should be applied immediately after injury. After two days you can switch to heat. Ice works as a painkiller, and a warm water bottle stimulates blood flow. The standard time for one procedure is 20 minutes. Use a natural pain reliever Endorphins can be an excellent alternative to medicinal pain relievers. Thus, activities that cause you joy and euphoria (aerobic exercise, massage, meditation, or sex) help to block pain signals.

Strengthen your heart. In strength training, you are working on your hips, pelvis and lower back, believing that this will be enough for a strong back. However, the health of the whole body is impossible without a strong heart. Make sure that you do not have any pathologies and that you devote sufficient time to cardiovascular exercise.

Strengthen your heart In strength training, you are working on your hips, pelvis and lower back, believing that this will be enough for a strong back. However, the health of the whole body is impossible without a strong heart. Make sure that you do not have any pathologies and that you devote sufficient time to cardiovascular exercise.