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Herniated disc

February 11, 2018

Herniated disc

The spinal treatment is done in two ways:

  1. surgery;
  2. conservatively.

Contrary to the general perception among patients, diaphragm activity is not mandatory, and only appear in the development of symptoms of nerve root compression (loss of sensitivity, movement disorders in members, involuntary urination and defecation, etc.). In all other cases, conservative treatment is recommended: medication, gymnastics, massage, manual treatment, physiotherapy.

Eleven of the most important ways to treat urinary bladder hernia (links from the list below can be clicked – this is a small article content):

Optimal treatment at any given time will be chosen by the neurologist after a detailed examination, as in contrast to the limbs and (or) pelvis is also required for hearing neurosurgeon. Spinal care is not an easy task and requires not only a qualified expert, but also the active participation of the patient.

A long-term, stable positive effect is produced regularly by complex treatment, rather than isolation or single use of individual therapy areas. So, while surgery to remove the hernia to avoid the return of the disease elsewhere in the spine and the development of postoperative complications, the patient should follow the recommendations of exercise, wear support corset, perform special exercises, undergo physical therapy.

Since there are no surgical indicators, the spinal cord is successfully treated at home: observe day management, diet, daily gymnastics and medication. Supplementary therapy at home can be traditional methods, but with the passage of physiotherapy, massage, manual therapy, and oriental medicine techniques it is best to leave the specialist field, conducting courses.

In a hospital, conservative treatment of hernia is carried out only in severe disease: acute intolerable pain or development of neurological symptoms (violation of innermost motor and emotional disorders). In the latter case, hospitalization is a preparatory step for later use.

Methods for treating vertebral fractures as a condition deteriorate


Spinal treatment is impossible without a gym. Daily performance screens give a tremendous result: relieve pain, restore spinal motility and ability for strong active movements, improve overall health and mood.

The most effective exercises for stretching: Visy crossbar, smooth bending, extending to the back, and other techniques called “pull gymnastics.”

In addition, you perform exercises to strengthen your back and chest muscles.

The subspecies have an excellent therapeutic effect.

Performing gymnastics is highly desirable under the supervision of a physiotherapy or coach. If this is not possible, go through at least one consultation with a specialist physician giving detailed recommendations on the technique of gymnastics and advising on useful exercises.


The following 8 groups of drugs are used in the treatment of Hernia:

  • Treatment of spinal cord surgery without surgery is important for many people with such a problem. So far the disease is the most common. The statistics are indisputable: about a hundred people in a hundred are bleeding hernia, including young and even children. This is because people’s lifestyle as a whole has changed – they move less, eat less healthy foods, do not cure and do not go to moderate physical strain. Most of this disease affects men who have weights and have a seat.
  • Spinal care without the procedure is real. In general, the last measure is required in up to 10% of cases. In the case of a surgical procedure, it is advisable to coordinate when other methods have not helped at all, or life and death have been resolved. In addition, the surgical method is not always successful and there is a high probability that the problem will appear again. It is also necessary to treat the spine after surgery, because the doctor’s knife does not completely solve the problem, the main support of the body must be restored and strengthened.
  • The backbone is the most important support of the human body. His health directly affects the health of all organs and systems. If at least one element fails, the entire structure will suffer.

The support of the human body consists of vertebrae and dense cartilage structures – plates that provide mobility of the entire structure. The fibrous ring surrounds the plate and has a tangled core inside it. If the coating is discharged, its contents will enter the channel where the spinal cord, vessels and nerves are located. This is called intervertebral hernia. Timing of disc transitions and pushing nerve roots, causing severe pain and can cause serious problems with movement of limbs or whole body, harmful to certain organs.


What leads to herniated spine appearance? Wear and lifting loads, heavy physical work, falling, trauma – all these factors can be the cause of the disease. Low activity, an unhealthy diet, excessive weight also contribute to the development of osteochondrosis and the occurrence of hernia.

Preventing this unpleasant disease helps exercise, movement (walking, jogging). It is necessary to limit the load backwards, to dispense them. If the work is sedentary, it is necessary to give a regular rest, a spinal decompression. When there are problems with the position, osteochondrosis with a corset will help. Because of obesity, we need to normalize the weight – diet, sport.