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How to avoid back pain?

February 5, 2018

How to avoid back pain?

The doctor explains

The spine is much hardier than we think. You just need to train him correctly. The best way to avoid back pain is to buy painkillers for back pain.

Most people believe that the spine is one of the greatest mistakes of evolution. After all, about 80% of adults suffer from back pain. Isn’t this proof alone enough? However, the truth is that the spine is a solid structure. We just use it wrong.

Everyone “knows” that lifting heavy objects puts back health at risk. Therefore, in order to avoid back injuries from employees, many companies introduce special trainings and purchase ergonomic equipment such as lifts.

To be strong, the tissues of the human body must be stressed. And the spine is a great example. Regular loads prepare the joints, muscles and ligaments to perform the necessary tasks. No one expects to run a marathon without preparing the body for such a load. Therefore, it is logical that the ability to lift a certain weight also requires training.

It is proved that the lack of stress has a devastating effect on the spine.

Studies involving astronauts have shown that the lack of the required load in microgravity conditions leads to a decrease in muscles, stiffness of the spine and swelling of the disks.

Those who say it is necessary to avoid lifting weights, argue that the problem is not just lifting. Repeated and regular back flexion is called dangerous to the spine, especially in combination with twisting. This idea was tested on high-class rowers.

They fully flex and load their backs hundreds of times during each workout. Within 12 months, about a third of the group members complained of episodic back pain, from which most of them completely cured.

This confirms that most of the rowers do not hurt the back, and the spine does an excellent job with such activity. It also indicates that the load on the spine can lead to pain, but in order to understand its true causes, other factors must be taken into account.

The best way to prevent back pain is to exercise.

Another discovery made through the study of rowers, contrary to the traditional notion that you can not load a bent back.

In fact, the spine is more stable when bent. Keep your back straight and squat a little while lifting weights are advised in order to use your thigh muscles. But this advice can play a cruel joke if the muscles involved are weak. Therefore, it is necessary to take time to strengthen these muscles.

People become less active and suffer from overweight. This means that they become less trained and less able to cope with the loads for which they were created. So the best way to prevent back pain is to exercise.