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How to treat hernia?

February 10, 2018

How to treat hernia?


The essence of this method is “motion processing”. The main task of kinesitherapy is to strengthen the muscles, corsets, bone repair, motor complete healing after injuries and illnesses and disease prevention. The founder of this method – Dr. Guthard (USA) – believes that only business can initiate all the processes of body renewal and its absence can interfere with the functioning of human body systems and organs.

Kinesiotherapy has recently been popular – specialized centers have existed throughout the country. To demonstrate exercises, the expert performs a test to determine the patient’s body condition and abilities. After that, a unique class group is appointed – with simulators, balls and other devices.

When a person is concerned about a herniated spinal plate, treatment without surgery allows physiotherapy it is a safe, effective, simple method, almost without limitations – it is suitable for both children and the elderly.

Treatment of hernia without surgery

If the spine has appeared, national treatment without surgery can also help solve the problem.

To relieve pain, decoctions, ointments, heating compresses are used.

Get Rid Of Hernia Red Clay Helps: It macerated, heated up to 37 degrees and put gauze in the desired area. For compression you can use horse fat – it must be applied over the membrane and applied to a sore spot covered with a cloth. This remedy pain relieves pain. The spruce oil is then rubbed and the mixture prepared thereafter.

The following means are used for swallowing:

  • Spoon with chamomile boiled in a glass of boiled water, drink half a glass a day.
  • For the same recipe, prepare a aspen bark, but cook for an hour, use the same.
  • Honey mixed with aloe, take a teaspoon 5 times a day.

Usually folk methods can relieve suffering, but not nerves completely. You need the whole measure to recover.


One new and effective way to remove hernia is laser treatment. Such an effect is not working, it is painless, in local anesthesia.

After a month of laser treatment, you have to use a corset and limit the load to the spine. Massage, training, physiotherapy cannot be performed this season.

There are two laser treatments:

  • The first way is to heat the disc (this activates cartilage growth). 3-6 months after the procedure, the new cells completely restore and update it.
  • Steaming involves the evaporation of liquid from the plate under the influence of a laser, resulting in a reduction in pellet. True, this procedure can only be implemented for people under 35 years of age.
  • Hernia laser treatment has not yet become popular because this method is quite new.


The cut sheets are successfully treated without surgery with methods such as Hirudotherapy, cold therapy, corset or collar. These methods are better used as additions.

Hirudotherapy is an ancient remedy for many diseases, skin care. Small healers are placed in special points on the spine line. This method helps to improve blood circulation, saturate it with oxygen, eliminate persistent phenomena, dissolve blood clots and curb convulsions.

Cryotherapy consists of cooling the body’s sick part with liquid nitrogen. This helps to remove swelling, restore tissue, improve blood circulation.

A variety of processing methods also use aids – corsets, collars. They help the muscles to relax and at the same time provide a stable position on the vertebrae. Usually they have to be used for a long time.

Do not doubt if the diagnosis of “intervertebral hernia” was made. Treatment without surgery – and 100% of the result is guaranteed if you turn to a professional and select a set of measures. This unpleasant pain can also be removed at home. Don’t just trust doctors. You have to do a lot of yourself: do exercises, use a corset or collar, limit the load on the spine. For recovery, you need the patient’s desire and all the action.

Do not rush the board at once. During, spinal cord care without surgery is real.


The spine is made up of a series of vertebrae between the plates. It enables the latter to provide the natural benefits and the backbone of mobility. The structure of the spinal plate itself includes an inner heart and an outer ring. When the latter breaks down, a part of the core leaves the spinal canal. This leads to formation known as hernia.

Then you will be invited to familiarize yourself with intervertebral hernia treatment methods and important auxiliary products.


The presence of Hernia is not yet a 100% indication of treatment. If the formation does not cause pressure on the nervous system roots and does not cause other complications, medical treatment may not be necessary.

In addition, according to average statistics, over 80% of cases have a very severe pain and several other side effects. Under such circumstances, no conservative or even surgical treatment will work.

Hernia is treated with drugs and surgery

In all circumstances, it is advisable to consult a physician for any adverse health effects. Leaving unattended hernia can give a number of complications, prompts for the emergence of irreversible pathology of nervous structures as a result of deterioration or paralysis of the limbs, disorders of internal organs and functions, etc.