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Reasons of back pain

February 4, 2018

Reasons of back pain

The main reason why the human spine is prone to developing many dangerous diseases is walking on two limbs, but its vertebrae, especially in the lumbar region, carry increased stress. Normally, the spine is represented by individual segments (vertebrae), between which intervertebral discs of cartilage tissue are located for depreciation. In the spinal canal is the spinal cord, which gives branches – the nerves to the internal organs and limbs.

Pain is a symptom of a lesion in one of these structures, namely:

  • osteochondrosis – dystrophic changes in cartilage and bone tissue;
  • inflammatory processes in the area of cartilage, muscles, nerves, or surrounding tissues;
  • intervertebral protrusions or hernias;
  • displacement of the vertebrae.

Back pain is a dangerous symptom. Some pathologies progress gradually, but they can be completely cured only in the first stages. If you do not seek advice in time, there is a chance that nerves from a certain part of the spine will be damaged. In addition, deformities and inflammatory changes are dangerous to humans. If time does not pass the diagnosis and does not begin treatment, the patient’s activity gradually decreases, and the pain eventually begins to manifest even at rest.

Relieve pain in the back and prevent its further development can be at home. However, if it becomes so strong that it does not allow you to get out of bed, or gives into limbs and internal organs, you should seek medical help. In the early stages, you should pay attention to some simple advice from doctors – they will help maintain healthy back and spine, as well as eliminate painful sensations.

First aid policy

The basic rule for a person who has a sharp back ache is not to try to correct the vertebrae on your own. It is better to take a horizontal position and lie down for some time, while it is necessary to do without a pillow. At the same time, it will be possible to determine whether the pain is increasing or decreasing, whether it is spreading through the spine and giving to the extremities. You can take an anesthetic drug, but if even with it you managed to remove the pain, active movements are contraindicated.

For falls and bruises, it is also recommended to take a lying position and try not to move. The fact is that pain can manifest itself not only directly at the moment of impact, but also after a while. As long as the damage information does not spread and does not reach the central nervous system, the pain will not be recognized. The same signal can be blocked in a state of shock, as well as after taking painkillers.


The first way to quickly get rid of back pain is medication. They can belong to different pharmacological groups and contain different components as the main active ingredient. They are produced in the form of tablets, injections and various means for external use – ointments, gels, creams.

According to the composition and mechanism of action, all drugs for the treatment of back pain can be divided into several groups:

  • analgesics – substances that block the passage of pain impulse, acting on the nerve receptors;
  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – are prescribed for pain and inflammation of any origin, but they can be ineffective against severe pain;
  • hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs – help reduce pain of any intensity and are included in the inflammatory process like natural human hormones.

It should be understood that the pills and ointments bring only temporary relief. If the cause of the pain is a bruise or inflammation of the soft tissues, then medical treatment will be sufficient. For more serious damage to the back and spine, as well as nervous tissue, the drugs will be part of a long-term comprehensive treatment of these diseases.

You should also understand that after taking painkillers (analgesics), the passage of a painful impulse through the nerves is simply blocked. Such ointments and tablets do not treat and do not eliminate the cause of the disease, but simply relieve the pain, and for this reason they should not be abused.


One of the conditions for recovery is regular exercise therapy. There is a set of exercises that will allow to defeat many diseases of the musculoskeletal system in the initial stages. It is selected individually for each patient, depending on the location and severity of pain, as well as on the specific diagnosis.